There are many on the left who want to find a way for everyone who lives in America to be covered by “free” medical care. We seniors have paid into Medicare for many, many years. In fact, we will continue to pay in every month for Part B. In addition, many of us have supplemental medical insurance policies and prescription policies to help us pay for all of the legal drugs proscribed for us by our doctors.

Medicare is going broke because more money is going out each year than is coming in. Currently, the Congress funds Medicare and Medicaid out of general revenues. You may have heard that we have a
$31,500,000,000,000.00 Federal debt. There are annual budget deficits that exceed $1,000,000,000,000.00 for THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE!!!!! That is just not sustainable.

A California state senator named Scott Weiner wants to get the Federal government to send all of our (yours and mine) Medicare money to the State of California, along with the Medicaid money, so that they can set up their own Medicare 4 All type of system. This was tried years ago but they knew that Mr. Trump would never approve of such an insane idea. Mr. Biden will most likely approve this push for Medicare 4 All.

I used to believe we seniors living in California had the best health care delivery system in the world. I could call my primary care doctor’s office and get an appointment within just a few days. Recently, there was a long wait to get in to see the doctor. This is the same problem they have in Canada, the UK and many other larger economies around the world. Imagine if all 40,000,000 people living in California (BTW, how many more will come for “free” medical) could call my doctor’s office tomorrow. I (that means all
seniors) will be waiting for months!!!

Please take a moment and get in touch (call, write a letter and/or send them an email) with your local California assembly person and senator. Most seniors do not want any changes to our current Medicare system. BTW, Mr. Biden just announced that he intends to cover over 700,000 illegal aliens with access
to Obamacare. Can you imagine the negative impact our your current healthcare delivery system.

Here is how to find your local assembly person and state senator.