Mediator, Facilitator & Consultant,  Los Angeles

Mediator/Facilitator available to assist with unresolved estate planning issues, tough negotiations between family members, and selling a family business. 30+ years of practical experience working with high net worth individuals and their families relating to: income tax planning, asset protection options, gift and estate tax structures, formation of numerous legal entities, real estate purchases, leases, sales and 1031 exchanges, selection of investment advisors, review of investment options, and handling sensitive and confidential matters for the family.

Problem solvers for complex conflicts

Today, because of discovery related to emails, litigation can be very, very expensive. The lawyers get to dig around in your emails for the past few (sometimes it can be many) years. That is generally very time consuming and incredibly expensive. We can assist with dispute advisory consulting that might help get a dispute resolved well before a large amount of money is wasted in discovery by the lawyers. Let us help you get out of the dispute before you waste a great deal of money on expensive lawyers. 

As creative problem solvers for complex conflicts, our mission is to assist our clients in finding workable solutions to issues relating to real estate, taxes and/or retirement. Because of our years of experience, we can analyze the factual background, eliminate irrelevant information and focus on the issues that need to be resolved. We provide you with workable solutions; we do not sell stocks, bonds or life insurance.

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