Finding a good real estate advisor.

Recently, I saw an ad in a local newspaper suggesting that readers should call this local real estate agent when they needed a real estate advisor. I thought to myself, well, that is interesting. Besides being a local real estate agent, was that person:

1. Someone who had gone to law school and taken classes in real property law?

2. Someone who had worked as an IRS agent and/or as a tax preparer?

3. Someone who had worked as a mediator and/or facilitator?

4. Someone who had learned about estate planning for people who live in California?

5. Someone who had learned about retirement planning?

6. Someone who understood aspects of asset protection planning?

7. Someone who could help with succession planning for the family wealth?

8. Someone who knew how to work with local charities to lower income taxes?

9. Someone who knew about investments and what you might do with the net sales proceeds if you did end up selling real estate?

10. Someone who would make a commission if you sold your home or rental propert(ies)?

My guess, one (1) out of ten (10) is probably the right answer. People need to be cautious when they ask a surgeon if they should have surgery. Surgeons like to do surgery. When you’re a hammer very often the problem looks like a nail.

Obviously, before implementing any idea or plan concerning family owned real estate you should talk with your own attorney and/or CPA.  However, the preliminary analysis just needs a person who has lots of real world experience dealing with real estate options.

We have helped folks figure out complicated real estate problems for over 30 years. There is no charge for the initial telephone call.

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