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For most people, the real estate that they own is their most valuable asset. These same people would not have brain surgery without getting a second opinion, yet, they deal with their real estate like it has no value. Logically, before you make any major decision about what to do with your real estate you should get a second opinion.

Is now the time to sell? Is now the time to re-finance? Should you pull out some equity and buy more real estate? These, and many other questions, do not have simple answers. In each situation the answer could be different for a different family’s needs. It is necessary to review the economics of the proposed transaction, as well as tax ramifications very carefully.

For some older people, their home is a part of their retirement planning. It may be that in the near future they will be getting a reverse mortgage to provide extra income. Alternatively, they may need to rent out their home and use the rental income to pay for their care in a nursing home.

The bottom line is that we will sit with you and review your options. Before you make any major decision about your real estate you should clearly understand what your decision will mean to your family, both now and in the future.

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We assist with matters relating to taxation. Primarily, we deal with real estate related items, such as:

  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges
  • Sale of a Personal Residence
  • Sale of Real Estate involving Charitable Planing
  • Conservation Easements
  • Shared ownership of Real Estate
  • We also assist with the following:
  • Federal Estate & Gift Tax Issues
  • California Property Tax Issues
  • Asset Protection Planning Options

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This is an area where many “baby boomers” have not done proper planning. The good news is that the current rules for tax deductions relating to retirement planning are very good. Using various techniques it is possible to put a great deal of money into various types of retirement plans each year.

The short answer is that is it not too late for most people. However, it is critical that you start ASAP.